Ship collision and grounding

Collision – It is a term used when the ship collides with another ship during voyages . Here are some steps mentioned which one should take after collisions –

1. Inform the Master and Engine room

2. Immediately Send Distress Signal

3. Record All Important Data and perform actions according to SOPEP 

4. Sound the Alarms

5. Assess the Damage

6. Take the Soundings

7. Take Immediate Action In Case of Damage

8. Check For Oil Spill

9. Reach The Nearest Port, If Possible

10. Abandon The Ship Only if Everything Else Fails

Grounding– It is a term used when the ship’s keel hit the base of the sea in shallow waters and not having the proper draft required . Normally it happens near the coastal areas and should be avoided with experienced navigational officers  and pilot assisting . 

Emergency actions to be taken in case of ship grounding –

  • All stakeholders should be notified .
  • Inform the port authority for the incident.
  •  Immediate stop of engines.
  • Instant checking in order to ascertain any internal damage, water intakes or leakages and watertight doors to be closed .
  • Light/shapes and sound signals. 
  • Take control of a possible pollution .
  •  Record of vessel’s position, date and time of the incident.
  • Keep the company informed
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