Fuel oil filters and lubricating oil filters have very important roles as they remove foreign matters or sludge in oil keeping the oil clean and maintaining the normal operation of the various part of the engine. Therefore it is important to periodically overhaul and clean so that filtering capabilities can be maintained.

Note:- It is important to note that the overhaul and cleaning of the filter is to be done when the engine is stopped, as far as possible

What is duplex filter ?

The notch–wire duplex type filter is used for the fuel oil system. Before cleaning the filter in running condition we have to change over to the standby filter and then clean the dirty one. This process should be done with caution as wrong steps can lead to the trip of the generator and will cause trouble to you.

How to change over the Duplex Filter in Auxiliary Engine

notch wire duplex filter

DF1 – Duplex filter 1

DF2 – Duplex filter 2

  • First, open the equalizing line provided between the two filters (DF 1 and DF 2 )
  • Then crack open vent of DF1
  • Once the oil starts coming out from DF1, close the vent.
  • Then finally close the equalizing line.
  • After that, changeover the filter to another side with the help of the selector handle.
  • Check by opening the vent of DF2 and see if the oil comes or not. If oil is not coming then it means the valve is holding and changeover takes place successfully and if oil coming then it means the valve is not holding.
  • For cleaning the Duplex Filter (2) crack open the Vent (i.e to Depressurise the filter ) and let some oil come
  • Open Drain of DF (2) and then take out the filter and clean it with compressed air and diesel.

After that box back the filter and again open the equalizing line.

Note – We use the equalizing line in order to prevent it from Fuel Oil Low-pressure trip.

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