The ranking system onboard ensures smooth coordination of operation and is universally accepted by shipping companies across the globe. According to the ranks on ship, the salary in merchant navy is assigned. Higher the rank, the higher the monthly payout.

Mainly there are three departments in Merchant Navy:-

Deck Department, which is responsible for managing ship navigation along with cargo handling operation.

Engine Department, which is responsible for operation and maintenance of ship machinery.

Crewing Department, which is responsible for preparation of meals for the crew and general housekeeping.

Deck Department Ranks in Merchant Navy 

Officer Side

  • Master or Captain
  • Chief Officer or Chief Mate
  • A second officer or Second mate
  • A third officer or Third mate
  • Deck cadet or Deck rating

Non-Officer Side

  • Bosun
  • Welder or Fitter
  • Able Seaman

Ordinary seaman and Trainee OS

*The shipmaster is the ultimate authority of the ship and is the highest position that one can achieve on the deck side and Bosun is the head of rating staff.

Engine Department Ranks in Merchant Navy

Officer side

  • Chief engineer
  • Second engineer
  • Third engineer
  • Fourth engineer
  • Trainee engineer or Engine Cadet
  • Electro Technological Officer

Non-officer side

  • Fitter
  • Motorman
  • Wiper trainee fitter and trainee wiper

* Chief Engineer is the head of Engine Department

Catering department

  • Chief cook
  • Trainee cook
  • Steward

Now coming on salary part

Mainly salary depends on the type of ship if it is a tanker normally you will be paid higher as compared to the Bulk carrier or Container Ships and if your vessel is the Gas carrier or LPG, Chemical then it will be more than the tankers

In India, entire earnings can be tax-free if you maintain NRI status that is you have to the minimum sailing period of 183 days.

This salary is the maximum salary of tankers including all bonuses extra time per monthly basis –

  • Master and chief engineer can get a maximum up to $18,000
  • The chief officer and Second engineer can get a maximum of up to $12,000.
  • The second officer and 3rd Engineer can get a maximum of up to $5,000
  • The third officer and Fourth engineer can get a maximum of up to $ 4000 
  • Trainee, Deck and engine cadet can get a maximum of $ 900.
  • Trainee electrical officers can get a maximum of up to $800 .

Now coming on crew salary

  • Bosun,Pump men and Fitter can get a maximum of up to $1800.
  • Able Seaman, Motormen can get a maximum Salary up to $1500.
  • Trainee OS can get a maximum of up to $400.
  • Now galley department Chief cook can get a maximum of up to $2200.
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