crank pin bearing

Crank Pin Bearing inspection is done in regular intervals in order to make sure the engine works smoothly without any breakdown.  The steps required to remove the crank pin bearing in main engine are simple but vary according to the design of engine makers . Mostly engine comprises are of MAN B&W or SULZER. 

Inspection of Crank Pin Bearing

First, open the crankcase door at the relevant cylinder that needs to be inspected 

2. Then turn the crank concerned to BDC ( Bottom Dead Centre )

3. Measure the clearance in the crankpin bearing by inserting a feeler gauge at the bottom of the bearing shell on both sides.

5. The wear limit for the crankpin bearing shells is based on a judgement of the bearing condition at the time of inspection.

Note:- An average wear rate of 0.01 mm per 10,000 hours is regarded as normal.

How to remove crank pin bearing

  • First, turn the crank to BDC.
  • Suspend two tackles from the lifting brackets in the athwartship direction.
  • Turn the crank to TDC.
  • Mount lifting tool on each side of the crankpin bearing cap and, by means of shackles and wires, hook on the tackles and haul tight.
  • By means of the hydraulic jacks, loosen the crankpin bearing stud nuts.
  • Remove the hydraulic jacks and the nuts.
  • Carefully lower the bearing cap while ensuring that the studs do not damage the crankpin journal.
  • Land the bearing cap on a couple of planks placed in the oil pan.
  • Inspect the bearing shell
  • Mount the wire guide on the top of the crankcase door opening.

    Using the tackle from the frame box inside the wall, together with a tackle suspended from the platform bracket, lift the bearing cap out of the crankcase

crank pin bearing

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