You have often seen on land that when a car engine work has to be done,  major repair work or car painting is to be carried out it goes in the garage, same goes out with a ship as well but the term here we use is the dry dock. The ship goes to a dry dock for her maintenance and beauty.


In dry dock, all major maintenance work is carried out on the ship along with all the major certificates have to be renewed. In general dry dock happens after every 5 years, but according to the situations, it can get varied. Some examples that are done in dry dock are as follows –

  • Engine bearing clearances are measured and new bearings get installed if necessary.
  • New systems are retrofitted to the ship according to the latest guidelines, these days for BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment System )installation most ships are going to dry dock to meet the deadlines and requirements of the convention.
  • Ships hull painting is done, underwater inspection carried out 
  • All major certificates and documents get renewed.
  • All defective pipelines, and valves are changed.
  • Boiler Survey is carried out by the surveyor .
  • Electrical survey carried and tests are carried out in MSB and Emergency equipments .
  • All life-saving appliances are checked by the surveyor .
Above are few of the things that are done in dry dock , and according to the condition of the ship and the owner requirement other jobs can also be done . Dry Dock is a costly job so the economical aspect is always considered before doing any job . 
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