What is merchant navy and how to join

Everyone is fascinated about the term “MERCHANT NAVY” . It is a sizzling topic in this decade due to the overall growth happening in maritime sector all over the world . And there is a lot of potential in this field which is still to unleash . So it is a lucrative career for youngster out there , full of perks and adventurous lifestyle , travelling all around the world but simultaneously it is challenging, requires a lot of amount of  hard work and dedication too. Remember in this field focus and consistency is the key to success. 

merchant navy
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So what is this term “Merchant Navy”

Unlike the Navy , it is a term used for commercial shipping . All the trades , exports and imports that happen across the globe takes place through commercial ships only . And the merchant navy guys sail through these ships.  These guys are the backbone of the global trade . So now you have a basic idea what this field is all about . 

How to join Merchant Navy ?

You have two options to join in Merchant Navy , either as an Officer or a Crew . Normally these days all cargo ships consist of 20-25 persons on ship consisting of both officers and crew .

Note– Here , we will only be discussing about , how to join Merchant navy as an officer . To join as a crew we will discuss in some other article. So let’s begin 

There are broadly two categories in merchant navy –

  1. Nautical Or Deck Side 
  2. Engine Side 

Deck Side mainly focuses on the navigational part of ship and the cargo loading and discharging jobs on port . 

To join the deck side of Merchant Navy as Navigational Officer one have two choices –

  1. DNS Course
    (1 year Residential Programme)
  2. B.Sc (Nautical Science)
    (3 years Residential Programme)

Nowadays DNS is widely popular course among aspirants , but it should be one own’s decision what to choose for . There are various colleges in India that offer these courses but remember , that college should be affiliated to Indian Maritime University (IMU).  That affiliation itself gives a guarantee that college is genuine . Earlier there were not so many colleges but in present date there are many so one should be cautious while opting for it . We will cover in another article which are the best colleges in India for these courses . Here we are only giving a rough idea about this field . 

 Do check the eligibility criteria from the official list of IMU 

To join as an Engineering Officer in Merchant Navy you have two options –

  1. Marine Engineering (B.tech) 4 yrs programmer
  2. After doing Graduation in Mechanical Engineering , 1 year GME (Graduate Marine Engineering ) course is required. 

There are various marine engineering college available  these days but the same rule applies here also that one should look for colleges that are affiliated to IMU.

Do check the eligibility criteria from the official website of IMU

You can also join in merchant navy as an Electrotechnology Officer . A 17 weeks Electro Technical Officer Course is a pre-sea training course approved by Directorate General of Shipping (DGS). The course is designed to give adequate knowledge and skill to candidates to take on the responsibility as Electro Technical Officer in Merchant ships. 

And alsoThe candidate should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in B.tech/BE in Electrical and Electronics, Telecommunication or related field or a Diploma in Engineering.

So now you have a basic understanding about merchant navy and how to join it . For merchant navy ranks and salary read our article  Ranks and Salary in Merchant Navy.  



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